Eco Grass


Beautiful artificial synthetic lawn, low maintenance and green all year round, rain, hail, or shine.

Eco Grass is a synthetic lawn alternative to natural grass, it offers you a perfectly well maintained, no maintenance lawn without the need for watering, mowing or fertilizer. Less maintenance results in saving time and money.

Eco Grass is used in a wide range of applications, residential properties, commercial offices, around pools, rooftop gardens, balcony’s, restaurants, bars, cafes and sporting venues.

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Artificial Grass has so many uses, and to name just a few:







MG1100 & MG1500

The MG range is ideal for both Residential and Commercial environments, with the option of either the MG100 which has a 20mm pile height or the MG1500, that has a 40mm pile height.

Colour: Olive Bicolour (straight)
Application: Landscape
Roll Width: 3.66mt
Composition: Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Structure: Monofilament
Primary Backing: Polypropylene + Polyester Fibre, Short Stapple
Secondary Backing: Latex


Similar to the MG1500, with a pile height length of 40mm, SOFT TOUCH has a much softer feel with the grass strands being much finer, to give it the appearance of a much thicker surface. Ideal for the family pets, they will simply love the feel, lets face it, they will think it’s just like having a whole yard that is like a soft blanket just for them.

Colour: Olive Bicolour (straight)
Bi-colour (Curl)
Application: Landscape
Roll Width: 3.66mt
Composition: Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Pile Height: 40mm +/- 1
Primary Backing: Polypropylene + Polyester Fibre, Short Stapple
Secondary Backing: Latex


TAG is an ideal solution for short and long term events. While cheaper than the MG1100 and MG1500 range, TAG makes an ideal cost economical solution for a quality finish. It  is not suitable as a permanent covering for commercial or residential environments, it simply doesn’t have the same quality properties to give it a long lifetime.

Here’s why fake grass hire might just be the best option for you:

1. Hard wearing: synthetic grass handles a lot of traffic while maintaining composure.

2. Cut to shape: There’s no limit what you can do with synthetic grass. It can be cut to any shape imaginable, fitting a stunning custom design for your function or area.

3. Perfect for corporate events: With some imaginary ingenuity, your logo or corporate colours can be produced into grass. This is a great way to promote your brand and stand out from the crowd.

4: Works well on all surfaces: Synthetic grass not only looks great, it’s adaptable to all surfaces, slopes and gardens. This is particularly useful if your even is outside and you’re worried about the rain or heat.


Sports Grass is our solution for many various sporting surfaces, such as, football, hockey, athletic track and fields, tennis courts and so much more.

With a fantastic colour range, and the ability to order custom colours to suit corporate sponsoring, and with a hard, tough surface, the quality and lifetime is brilliant.

With a pile height of 10mm, and a dense finish, the sports fake turf is simply amazing under foot.