Tokyo Square


Commercial in quality but sophisticated in design, Tokyo Square is the latest and greatest in Carpet Tile innovation. These tiles are made from 100% solution dyed nylon which means they are completely colourfast and therefore resistant to stains and UV light. Tokyo Square is a Japanese produced tile where quality and wearability are at the forefront. These tiles are a great DIY option for those that want to save on labour costs. Being that tiles are laid individually (as opposed to a wide roll) the wastage factor is typically lower than other products varying from 5-7%. This is beneficial financially to the end user but also has a lesser impact on the environment. If carpet tiles are damaged or soiled over time it is very easy to pull up and replace individual tiles and therefore longevity is assured. It is recommended to buy extra tiles in the beginning of a project to store for this very reason.

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Product Tokyo Square
Style Carpet Tile
Pattern Repeat Random Match
Fibre Solution Dyed Nylon
Pile Weight 580g +/- 5% sqmt
Rating Commercial Heavy Duty Stairs
Colours 3
Width 50cm x 50cm


PLEASE NOTE: Image colours may vary from actual product colours. To avoid disappointment, it is good practice to request a sample through your local distributor.